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About Us


To be recognized and respected as a leader in the Healthcare and Wellness field by providing the most time honored methods and recent well researched methods in the healthcare healing industry.

To coach and empower our clients in evolving their body, mind and spirit to reach their highest potential through love, caring, education and awareness.


  • To create an atmosphere of support and healing.
  • To Inspirationally Coach and Empower People in Accessing their Optimal State of health.
  • To Stimulate Through Results Direct Referrals from Our Patients.

Dr. Bill Russell

Dr Bill Russell


Naturopath and Chiropractor

Bill’s journey began with the intention to become a Physical Education teacher. He felt this role embodied his love for physical wellness and provided him the ability to share it with others. Bill realized he had just touched on the potential opportunity to offer others the gift of good health and was then drawn into the healing profession and became a Chiropractor.  Bill continued his quest for a deeper understanding of holistic health, and this led him into the amazing world of Naturopathic Medicine and Applied Kinesiology.

Bill has a passion for the whole-body approach and is respected as a leader in the Healthcare and Wellness field by providing both the most time-honored methods and state of the art methods in the healthcare healing industry.


  • Graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 1981
  • Completed Applied Kinesiology Course 1982
  • Director of the BC Chiropractic Association 1983-1984
  • Completed Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture , DIPL, AC 1989
  • Graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine 1989.
  • Acupuncture Certification with the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC.
  • Served on the CNPBC, Investigative Committee
  • Completed the Body Integration Certificate
  • Completed the Matrix Repatterning Course with Dr. George Roth DC, ND in 2018
  • Completed Advanced course in Methylation with Dr. J Dunn DC 2015-2018

Braedon Cushion

Braedon Cushion

Naturopathic Physician

Braedon knew from a young age he wanted to be a difference maker in this world.  He initially thought becoming a Biologist or Environmental Consultant would best serve this goal, so he completed a Bachelor of Science Degree at Simon Fraser University.  This interest led Braedon to travel to Panama to work with the United Nations Environmental Program for Latin America and Caribbean.  In travelling these regions, he soon realized that restoring people’s health might be the better path to becoming the difference maker he longed to be.  Braedon ‘s father, Dr. Ken Cashion, was a Chiropractor for many years prior to becoming a Naturopath, so Braedon was very aware of how deeply this practice could help people live more healthy and productive lives. Braedon moved to Portland, Oregon to attend The University of Western States Chiropractic Program in order to embark on his journey into the wellness and healing world.

While pursuing this goal he attended a seminar presented by world renowned Dr. George Gonzalez, The Neuro Emotional Technique and Quantum Neurology.  This seminar provided Braedon with skills to help clients with incredibly diverse issues.  Furthering his education and his passion for Natural Medicine he knew he could make a difference in people’s lives by effectively using his skills through the Neuro Emotional Techniques under a Naturopathic license.

Braedon found a common passion shared with Dr. Bill Russell which is based on the profound acknowledgement that the mind and body are not separate entities.  When both are addressed and nurtured, patients are profoundly grateful to experience optimum results.  The good news story is that Braedon has become the difference maker in his client’s lives.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree – Simon Fraser University
  • University of Western States Chiropractic Degree
  • Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine

Sierrah Russell

Sierrah Russell

Office Manager

Sierrah has enjoyed her role as the Office Manager for the Semiahmoo Wellness Centre for the past 7 years. While working full time she is also studying for her bachelor’s degree in Criminology.

Having the opportunity to live and volunteer in Camiri, Boliva, South America with a Social Work Organization Sierrah’s passion for helping others expanded. She keeps the office organized and supports the Centre’s patients and the staff.

Outside of the office and when she’s not studying for her degree Sierrah spends her time in nature hiking, playing soccer and maintaining a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

Lora Russell

Lora Russell

Laser Technician / Office Administrator

Lora has worked in the health and healing field for over 25 years. Her experience and skills guide patients in their healing journey using laser therapy.

Laser Therapy has become an increasingly popular treatment to reduce therapy time, relieve pain, increase circulation and minimize scar formation from surgery, cuts and burns.

Suzanne Shumyla

Suzanne Shumyla

Part-time Receptionist

Suzanne Shumyla is our part-time receptionist. Suzanne has been with our clinic since 2020 and has been a wonderful addition to the team.

When Suzanne is not at the clinic or spending time at home, she enjoys baking and going for long walks. She always spends most of her time during the warm weather months out in the garden.