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Homeopathy uses extreme dilutions of elements which, when taken by a healthy person, cause similar symptoms to the ailment being treated.

Modern homeopathy uses a combination of remedies to stimulate organ function, induce drainage and detoxification, and provide cellular support. Classical homeopathy is built upon three principles: the above-described law of similars, the single remedy, and the minimum dose.

An important part of prescribing a homeopathic medicine is a detailed patient interview to determine all symptoms being experienced. The physician then determines which medicine best matches those symptoms and prescribes a single medicine that covers all the symptoms, instead of a different one for each. This is the law of the single remedy. There are two parts to the principle of the minimum dose: first, the homeopathic physician prescribes only a very small number of doses and waits to see what effect it has; and second, the medicine is given only in infinitesimal doses.

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